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Get Your Free WebSite Now! Sites Include Site Builder, File Sharing Tools, Photo Albums, Blog Builder & Much More!

This site, the site you are viewing is one of our free web sites and was created entirely by using our free enhanced site builder.

Our free web sites take only a few minutes to set up with this new and very powerful web site builder!

In seconds you can create your own web site from templates or from scratch and customize it anyway you choose!

Your site can include file sharing pages (new feature), slide shows, photo albums, public and private blogs and more. We include all the tools you need or you can use your own web building tools.

<< Use the menu in the left column to review samples of features you can add with a few clicks.

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To build pages on your free web site visit your site manager and choose one or more of the following

Free websites from U.S. Computer: Sample template(1) use our built in templates (which we did for this site)
(2) use 
our 'what you see is what you get' enhanced online Sitebuilder
(3) use any html editor or program you wish
(4) use our built in online text editor
(5) copy an existing site with our site copier
(6) upload web pages or files from your computer

You can start from scratch or pick a predesigned web site (template) and style and edit it using your own words and pictures.

That's what we did with this site which was made in minutes by simply changing the words and pictures by editing one of our site builder templates with our built in what you see is what you get Sitebuilder Editor.

Your site will be free but banner ads will be shown on each page. Note: ads can be removed for $1.99/month and we have done that with this sample site.

To see a site with ads like you will have on your free sites (in a new window), click here.

To see a very cool site built by one of our free site members and not by us (in a new window), click here.

To build this sample web site

  1. First we selected colors & styles from personal, hobby, business & other free predesigned website templates. See list.
  2. Then, we chose "Portfolio" as our template style from the choice of styles.
  3. Then we added our own words and pictures by replacing the sample words and pictures that came in the template.
  4. Then we added colors, fonts and highlights to the text with our color selector and presto!

Click edit then use your online what you see is what you get editor to edit the page area you want!In seconds, a complete web site was created for us, just as it will be created for you. It's especially easy to edit as you just point & click this small  symbol (try it) to edit by adding your words & optional pictures to the template you selected above. You can add them in plain text with control over colors, bold, indents etc. or you can click 'rich text' and type in the html code. Either way, in minutes, your site is ready for the world.

Remember our built in editor lets you use a single click to control your text font, size, color, bold, italic, background or highlight color as well as foreground color and gives you a "what you see (or type) is what you get" full blown free online editor! And yes it even lets you edit using html if you want!

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Still uncertain? See an example site before its edited by you.

This web site is just one of our unlimited style free websites that include your own blogs, your own photo albums and much much more!

It was built as a sample so you could actually see what you get. It was contructed entirely with our free point and click online site builder which has about 40 starter styles and color combos.

Optionally you can use any html editor including Frontpage and create any style color combo you like. We give you a free file manager to optionally transfer files, pictures and  web pages to your new site.

For advanced users we include this online file manager with html editor and site copier to move an existing site here, forms, javascript, webrings, counters, elegant statistics & more. All this is absolutely free.

However if you decide to upgrade to one of our pay sites you can use ftp or Frontpage or Dreamweaver directly without the use of our file manager. Or you can still use the file manager if you like.

Some examples of free features you can easily add to your site appear below and in the menu on the left side of this page. After creating your free site, you may wish to return here to review these examples. You also may want to add your site to our usclargo websites directory.

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  • See Sample Slide Show

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  • Web Polls

Special Update: Your free site is sponsored by the ads on each page. But, we have a brand new optional feature - for only $ 1.99 a month you can now remove all ads!   Guess What? We did that for this site, so now it has no ads. But it is one of our free sites and it did start out with ads.




More Features: Guestbooks, Forms, Selling

Promoting Your Site

Have you been looking in the wrong direction for a web site?

The free website you are viewing was created entirely with our free, easy to use, online sitebuilder! You can select from our templates, then customize, copy an exisitng site, or even use your software such as FrontPage, Dreamweaver, and so on. Standard features include forms, email, guestbook, usage statistics, webrings, directories, affiliate programs to earn money and much more. This site demonstrates some of features you can add to your free web site.
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Select from dozens of templates we provide, or create your own style using our simple online tools!

See some of the free online webmaster tools available in your site management areas...


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This sample web page was created online using our sitebuilder software and our free website. Sign up today for your free site.

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